Sunday, August 30, 2009

Antalya Gastronomy Tours

I'm a Turkish food writer who has been writing, teaching, telling, researching on food and food related customs for about 12 years. I have ten published books (you can see the cover photos at my Turkish blog Mutfakta Zen) on food. I've been writing for newspapers and magazines for many years, I taught cooking classes in many cities, I cooked Turkish food to my friends, hosts in many countries such as Greece, USA, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden. You have to see my luggage when I travel. I carry ingredients for cooking both ways! Teas, wines, bulgur, sauces, even beans! And each time friends come to Antalya (where I live in winter), I organize gastronomical tours for them. I take them to farmers' markets, I show them fruits, veggies, sweets they'd never tasted before, I take them to my favorite food places, to a pastry shop where a master has been making the same pastries for over 40 years, I take them to a sweet shop where they taste a special icecream or a milk sweet and tell them the stories of them. We visit restaurants where a tourist cannot find easily. Or we go to little shops where they make flat dough for making savory pastries (börek) or little crepes that are used to make a local sweet. Here I am, getting ready to organize tours for people who are interested in local foods, who wants to walk the streets of the city with a local, who loves food. Please contact me at antalyagastronomy at for organizing tours or cooking sessions.